Decorating Cupcakes: Sailor Moon Style


Whenever I plan to host a themed party, I like to come up with creative ideas to decorate cupcakes. There are many professional ways to decorate cupcake and many involve using fondant, icing and sugar work but there are also simpler and easier ways to do it too!!

The theme I chose was Sailor Moon. It was my friend’s birthday and we decided to have a surprise Sailor Moon themed party. To start we did a bit of research and we looked for distinct symbols that represented Sailor Moon.  What we chose was her outfit; a collar and bow.


Simple and easy designs will reduce the amount of time you need to decorate. With the pattern, think of different things that could be used. Soft chewy candy like Starburst can be rolled out or moulded into different shapes. Chocolate can be melted and used as well. Liquorice strings can be used for (can you guess?) string or lines. I decided to use Fruit Roll ups to create the bows. They come in flavours so it was easy to find the colours I needed!!


To make the bow, cut the red Fruit Roll Up and fold so that it resembles a bow. Pinch the centre and add a thin strip of Fruit Roll Up to hold the shape. Cut out yellow circles and place it in the middle of the bow. The ribbon ends can be made by cutting a rectangular piece into triangle. Cut a smaller triangle at the ends and place the two pieces under the bow.  Add two strips of blue for the collar. The final touch is adding a pearl sprinkle to the middle of the bow.



Voila! You’ve just made some Sailor Moon cupcakes!!!  As a bonus, here is what I did for a Disney themed party. Minnie and Mickey Mouse cupcakes. Can you guess what I used?



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