Make it Fresh! Pico de Gallo



Pico de Gallo is a fresh Mexican salsa that is sometimes called salsa fresca. It can be used for nachos, tortillas or add it to any dish to give it some brightness. The best time to make this salsa is in the summer when the tomatoes are nice and sweet!!


I like to start making the salsa by chopping up the Jalapeño peppers. I reduced the amount of peppers asked for in the recipe because I never know who can’t handle the heat. A great way to reduce the contamination of the spicy juices often left on your fingers is cutting it with gloves. Right after cutting, toss the gloves away! And remember not to rub those eyes!! I’ve learned that the hard way. For extra heat, leave the seeds and the white membrane when dicing the peppers. I took them out for a mild salsa.


Cut the onion in tiny pieces. Large pieces can be a little too much for those chips.


To prepare the cilantro, remove the leaves from the tough stems and then give it a nice chop!


Dice up the tomatoes. You can remove the seeds to prevent the salsa from becoming too runny. Place everything in a bowl and give it a stir.


The last touch is the lime juice, salt and pepper. Put as much lime as you want. I like mine tart! The flavours get better the next day but I don’t know how long it would last once you finish it.




  • 5 whole Plum (roma) Tomatoes
  • 1/2 whole Large (or 1 Small) Onion
  • 3 whole Jalapeno Peppers
  •  Cilantro
  •  Lime Juice
  •  Salt To Taste

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