Start of the New Year 2013

This is our first post ever and since we are not cooking dinner or lunch or breakfast then we decided to take a look at what we did over the Winter Break and a recap of somethings that we made.

Apple Chips!

Every Christmas we bake cookies for family and coworkers.  Since everyone seems to be wanting to eat healthier we came up with the idea of apple chips.  We used our handy excaliber dehydrator to dry these delicious apples.  To make them colorful we used some food coloring and water and dipped the apples in.   A little color goes a long way!  We used Ambrosia apples as they were sweet. You can also use Fuji (sweet), Braeburn (tangy) and Granny smith (tart) for a variety of flavors. I would recommend getting a mandoline to slice your apples.
Apple chipsRum Raisin Apple Pie Jam and Vanilla Pear Brandy Jam

Over the past couple of months I’ve started to experiment on canning.  For Christmas, I wanted to make some jams with alcohol.  I found these two recipes on Serious Eats but I found that the rum raisin apple pie jam was too sweet.  I even cut back on the sugar for both recipes.   I think they still turned out pretty good.

Rum Apple Raisin Jam


XO Sauce

One of the things we wanted to try was to make our own XO sauce.  Most of the ingredients you can find in the Chinese dry goods section.  You can buy scallops whole but it is cheaper to get the pieces.  We soaked the scallops and the shrimp overnight even though it wasn’t in the recipe.  Warning! If you are making this it will make your whole house smell like fish!



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  1. Colin says:

    Eat it now or eat it later in a diffrent form

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